Valves - 24V Solenoid

Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valve •Flow Range from 5-25 GPM •Pressure range from 10-150 psi •Manual external bleed. •Heavy-duty, corrosion and UV resistant PVC construction. •1 year limited warranty •Flow Range from 5-25 GPM •Pressure range from 10-150 psi •Manual external bleed.

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Taco Valves (Orange Head)

Taco Valve - Orange Head Style has bronze body and corrosion resistant internal parts provide for long, trouble-free service. Created especially to eliminate noisy water hammer. The Taco GT Whisper Guard operates in a totally different way from fast-acting solenoid as it closes slowly and no water hammer occurs. The unique end-switch design permits control of the heat pump by the valve. This allows movement of cold water into the coil before the heat pump actually starts. Taco GT Whisper Guard is available in 1” sweat.

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Taco Valves (Zone Sentry)

The Taco Zone Sentry® (Green Head) Zone Valves provide on-off, normally open or normally closed control in both open and closed hydronic systems. The valves can be used in a wide variety of heating and non condensing cooling applications, primarily designed for use with baseboard, fan coils, radiators, convectors, air handlers, heat pumps and radiant applications.

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