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Flow Center - Smart Pump VFD

For the applications that require a little more than its Multizone cousin can provide, the reliable Smart Pump Series utilizes the latest in Variable Speed Technology. Designed for high-end residential or commercial applications, the Smart Pump Series can be used with single-phase power to keep things simple. With no added controls to complicate your system, the Smart Pump Series is very user friendly, easily adjustable, and customized for your source-side geothermal systems.

Variable speed technology is easier than ever to provide for your application. Why complicate things for your end user? Keep it simple.

The Smart Pump Series utilizes variable speed technology with its one single motor offering more efficient operation when compared to multiple smaller pumps typically used for each heat pump zone. In fact, less horsepower will be used with a single pump/motor combination verses several small circulators for your multizone heat pump system.

With only one pump and motor to install, contractor installation time is reduced. All the work consists of setting the GT canister, mounting the pump to the provided flange, mounting the motor to the pump, and mounting the variable speed drive unit on the adjacent wall and the electrical power. It's that simple, your system will be ready to run.

When you look at the cost of purchasing and installing several pumps, switching to the Smart Pump Series will save more than just energy.

The Smart Pump Series utilizes one of the industries most popular in-line circulators. This bulletproof pump is very reliable, but in the event of a pump failure, parts and qualified technicians are readily available.

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