Additional Accessories

Additional Accessories
Additional Flow Center accessories include: •Flow Center Wrench •1/4" & 1/2" PT Plugs •Pressure Gauge Probe with cover and 4" Gauge •Male Pipe x Swivel Nut Adapters come in 3/4" x 1" or 1" x 1".
Size Part Number List Price Guest Price
Flow Center Wrench 1FCW $40.84 Please Register
Discontinued Item MSA45 Call For Price Please Register
1" MPT X 1" Swivel Nut (Lead Feee) MSA55-G $69.15 Please Register
1/4" MPT P/T Plug (Brass) N76-02 $10.84 Please Register
1/2" MPT P/T Plug (Brass) N78-02 $14.54 Please Register
1/16" S.S. Pressure Gauge Probe w/Cover GA80-01 $44.54 Please Register
1 /8" S.S. Pressure Gauge Probe w/Cover GA80-02 $47.50 Please Register
1 /8" S.S. Pressure Gauge Probe—Extended Length GA80-03XL $53.19 Please Register
Pressure Gauge (4" Gauge) WP060 $58.92 Please Register
2 1/2” Pressure Gauge, Liquid Filled PGNL25-100-G $31.67 Please Register

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