P.E. X P.E. Coupling

P.E. X P.E. Coupling
P.E. X P.E. Couplings are available in sizes 3/4" up to 2". The unique range of the Compression Fitting allows assembly on IPS-OD polyethylene pipe with no need to disassemble the fitting. Compression fittings make installation straightforward and efficient.
Size Part Number List Price Guest Price
3/4" P.E. X 3/4" P.E. Coupling ELO-44C $15.60 Please Register
1" P.E. X 1" P.E. Coupling ELO-55C $19.68 Please Register
1-1/4" P.E. X 1-1/4" P.E. Coupling ELO-66C $29.28 Please Register
1-1/2" P.E. X 1-1/2" P.E. Coupling ELO-77C $51.74 Please Register
2" P.E. X 2" P.E. Coupling ELO-88C $55.68 Please Register

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