Butt Fusion Machines

Ram 14 Butt Fusion Machine

Ram 14 •1" IPS - 4" DIPS •Aluminum made jaws, guarantee fusion force, strength and light weight.•Comes with 4" IPS liners •The machine body itself is 4" DIPS.

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Ram 28 Butt Fusion Machine

Ram 28•2" IPS - 8" DIPS •The machine is designed for in-field fusion of HDPE pipe and fittings and other plastic pipes. •Includes additional feature for operator safety and increased production. •Machine comes with 8" IPS liners. •Machine body itself is 8" DIPS.

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Ram 414 Butt Fusion Machine

Ram 414•4" IPS - 14" IPS •Independent and motorized electro-hydraulic butt fusion machine. •Ram 414 machine is equipped with an hydraulic pipe lift roller.

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Ritmo Liner

Ritmo Liners available in sizes 1"-12".

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