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XT Flow Center

The XT Flow Center is designed to provide long, reliable operation in an attractive cabinet, while providing installation and service benefits of the GT Flow Center. The stylish rugged insulated cabinet provides for flexible installation without feeling the need to hide it out of sight. The XT Flow Centers are now standard equipment for geoexchange 7-12 ton single coaxial exchanger. The XT Flow Center is one of the greatest things to happen to the geoexchange industry.

The XT is a stainless steel canister with brass check valves below the pumps. The canister is placed in a metal box and insulated with foam. All sections are factory assembled. The pumps are Grundfos UPS 43-100F.

Check Valves:
The check valve is to help with proper flow and pump protection.
The canister is insulated by foam to help eliminate condensation and is encased by a box design.

Field Assembly:
The unit has 1 1⁄4" female port for any type of male connection. An easy disconnect fitting is recommended.

Isolation Ball Valves:
The unit has a pair of isolation ball valves, allowing for removal and service of individual heat pumps while maintaining operability of the rest of the systems. Also, makes removal of pumps for replacement simple.

Air Separation Chamber:
The chamber continually performs a purging function to eliminate air.

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This Armstrong pump is comparable to the Grundfos 26-116 and is interchangable with Grundfos pumps in our flow centers.

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