Flow Centers

QT-MAXX Flow Center

The pump is ECM technology that is controlled through an external control via PWM signal generation cable. The control operates the pump based off two sensors that a plumbed into the systems piping in the inlet and outlet to the heat pump. The controller then speeds the pump up or down based off of inputs defined at initial start-up by the installer. Initial inputs defined by the contractor are as follows. 1.Heating Delta T 2. Cooling Delta T 3. Safety Flow Rate 4. Antifreeze type 5. Percentage of Antifreeze. The QT-MAXX will then try to maintain the user defined Delta T while the heat pump is active based on the temperature of the water. This will determine the pump is to maintain the heating or cooling Delta T. If for any reason the pump cannot maintain the Delta T specified the pump will then operate at the specified Safety Flow. The Controller will then indicate the gallons per minute being pumped through the heat pump and the earth loop. Also the Controller will indicate the power usage of the pump will running and via changing colors of the backlight display will indicate if there are any potential problems with the system. This information is critical in evaluating the performance of any geothermal system. Currently, the technician has to estimate the flow rate by measuring the pressure drop across the heat pump heat exchanger, and even then he has to have the correct product data with him in order to translate that pressure drop into gallons per minute.

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